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The dahlias featured below are grown on Banner Flower Farm, and five of the top 20 used in wedding work.


SHILOH NOELLE: A beautiful, ruffled bloom in a lovely and elegant pale lavender, Shiloh Noelle almost looks more like a intricately decorated wedding cake than a flower, but what a stunning flower she is. Huge and easy to grow, this dinnerplate size dahlia will produce a bloom up to 10 inches across. Just one makes a huge statement.
We’ve received requests to add the beautiful ‘Hamari Gold’ to the package. This beauty is a giant-flowered dahlia with an erect habit. Its divided leaves are dark-green. In summer and autumn it bears fully double, 8-9″ golden-yellow flowers tinted with light bronze.
ICE CUBE: Creamy white petals with rose-pink highlights. 8″ flowers.

MISS DELILAH: Miss Delilah has beautiful flowers. The 6 inch formal decoative blooms are pink blending to bright white with long, strong purple stems which are good for cutting. Miss Delilah is easy to grow, an early bloomer and she can stand the heat.

PIN RV: A ball form dahlia in a beautiful shade of pink. The blooms are five inches. Ths dahlia prefers to be shaded from the hot sun.